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Experts in Mac Repair

  • Mac Pros
  • MacBook Pros
  • MacBooks
  • iMacs
  • XServes
  • G5 Power Macs
  • G4 Power Macs
  • G4 PowerBooks
  • iBooks
  • Vintage Macs

Repair Pricing

Call us for estimates on repairing your Mac desktop or laptop.

Display Replacement

We replace cracked LCDs and Displays on many Mac Units:
  • MacBook Pros
  • MacBooks
  • iMacs
  • PowerBooks
  • iBooks

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Authorized Service Provider 

  • Repair - Performed by our Certified Apple Techs.
  • Consulting - Mac Business Solutions for Business, Professionals and Creative Agencies.
  • Data Recovery - Recovery solutions for all platforms.
  • Warranty - Authorized Apple Service Providers - We perform all Apple Care Repairs.
  • Backup Solutions - Offering assistance in Data handling and Preservation.

All repairs done by Apple Certified Technicians
Apple Certified Warranty Repairs

In Ojai:
305 West Ojai Ave. | Ojai, California, 93023

Our facility is open M-F 8:30am – 5:30pm. After hours by appointment only.

bITvision has over 15 years experience and has repaired over 10,000 computers. We will give you the best service at the best costs. Call us today.

bITvision means Business: Mac Customized Solutions for your business.
We have been selling Apple products to businesses for more than 15 years, and our Professional Services Group specializes in helping you get the most from your technology.

  • Networking and system integration
  • Workflow consulting
  • Data backup
  • Security consultation
  • FileMaker database development
  • Equipment leasing

Our account managers deliver customized solutions to fit your timeline and budget. Contact bITvision today and start a great relationship with someone you can trust.